Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we request that you carefully read the following summary regarding the way our website is operated. You can be assured your data will be handled transparently and lawfully, since we manage your data in a secure, careful, and responsible manner in our day to day operations.

The purpose of the Privacy Policy appearing below is to inform you about how we use your personal information in compliance with the provisions and requirements from the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  1. Identification
  • Owner: GS Professional Hunting (“Gustaff“).
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF): B44500437
  • Registered office: Camí de la Creu, Partida Puntarrons, s-n Almoster – Tarragona 43393, Spain
  • Email::
  1. Information and consent

By reading this Privacy Policy, the user is informed about the way in which Gustaff collects, treats and protects the personal data that is provided through the forms provided through the website ((hereinafter, the “Sitio Web”), as well as the data derived from your browsing and any other data that you may provide to Gustaff in the future.

Before freely deciding whether you want to provide your personal data to Gustaff, you must carefully read this Privacy Policy, which has been written in a clear and simple manner to make it easy to understand.

  1. Provision of the data is compulsory

In general, it is compulsory to fill in the information requested on the forms existing on the Website (unless specified otherwise in relation to a specific field), so that the purposes established can be complied with.

Therefore, if you do not provide that information, or if you provide incorrect information, it will not be possible to comply with those purposes.

  1. 5. What is the purpose of Gustaff’s processing of your personal data, and how long does that processing last?

The personal data collected will be processed by Gustaff for the following purposes:

  • To manage any contact requests you have submitted to Gustaff through the channels available at Gustaff’s Website.
  • To manage purchases you have made via the Website, including management of payments and shipping of orders.
  • To manage subscriptions to our newsletter, which takes place through the channel made available at Gustaff’s Website.
  • To analyse use of the Website, including the preferences and browsing behaviour of its users.
  • To manage the sending of commercial communications by Gustaff and other companies that belong to its corporate group, unless you have marked the corresponding box to reject those communications or have stated that you object to that data processing.
  • To manage sending of satisfaction surveys after products or services have been purchased from Gustaff, which is done to allow continual improvement of our customers’ experience.
  • To analyse your data in association with the user profiles we produce, to allow more detailed definition of the products that may be of interest to you.

Your data will be stored for the time period necessary to allow compliance with the purposes for which it was collected, unless you make a request to Gustaff for erasure of your data, or object to its processing, or withdraw your consent.

  1. What user data will Gustaff process?

Gustaff will process the following categories of data:

  • Identity data: name, surname(s), national identification document or foreigner identification number, and image.
  • Contact information: address, landline and mobile telephone numbers, email address.
  • Data on personal characteristics: date of birth, age, sex, nationality.
  • Banking data: account number, name of account holder, SEPA mandate.
  • Financial and insurance information: income and income sources.
  • Other data: any data provided by the data subjects themselves in the unstructured text fields found on forms at the Website.
  • Information on navigation at the Website.

If you provide any data relating to third parties, you declare that you have the consent of those parties, and you agree to forward to the data subjects all information contained in the Privacy Policy, while releasing Gustaff from any liability in relation to this. However, Gustaff may also perform any verifications necessary to verify this fact, adopting any appropriate due diligence measures in conformity with the data protection legislation.

  1. Cookies, web analysis services, and social networks

At our website, we make use of cookies, web analysis services, and social networking features in order to improve your browsing experience. You can view our Cookies Policy by clicking here.

  1. What is the legal basis for processing your data?

Processing of your data will be necessary in order to allow purchasing of products via the Website, and in order to manage the contractual relationship that this creates between the user and Gustaff.

Processing of your data for purposes of marketing Gustaff’s goods and services and similar services offered to Gustaff’s customers, which will be based on the legitimate interest acknowledged by the legislation when a user has acquired Gustaff’s goods and/or services. If that contractual relationship does not exist, then the basis for the data processing will be the user’s consent, based upon the legislation currently in force.

Processing performed for the purposes described will always take place after consent has been obtained from the user, or will be based on the legitimate interest described, and that processing will be necessary in order to respond to your request. Also, if you withdraw your consent for any type of processing, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing that was previously performed.

  • To revoke said consent, the User may contact Gustaff through the following channels: by letter addressed to the Gustaff I Data Protection Department at the address Camí de la Creu, Partida Puntarrons, s-n Almoster – Tarragona 43393 or by clicking on the automatic unsubscribe link available in each commercial communication sent by Gustaff or by email addressed to
  1. Who will your data be shared with?

Your data may be disclosed to:

  • Other enterprises belonging to Gustaff’s same corporate group, although only for internal administrative purposes and/or for the purposes described above.
  • Other enterprises belonging to Gustaff’s same corporate group, to allow sending of commercial communications about the products and services they offer, provided you have given your consent for this.
  • The competent Spanish and/or European government entities and authorities, in cases where established by law.

Your data may also be made accessible to Gustaff’s suppliers or providers, but with that access being restricted to only what is necessary for adequate compliance with the legal obligations and/or purposes described above. Those suppliers or providers will not process your data for their own purposes unless you have first been informed by Gustaff.

The recipients described in this paragraph may be located either within or outside of the European Economic Area, and if located outside of it, international data transfers must be duly authorised.

  1. Your liability as the user

As the user:

  • You declare that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and that the data you have provided to Gustaff is truthful, accurate, complete, and up to date. For such purposes, you are liable for the truthfulness of all data provided, and you must keep the data provided appropriately updated so that it accurately reflects your current situation.
  • You declare that if you have provided the data of any third parties, those parties have been informed of the aspects contained in this document. You also declare that you have obtained their authorisation to provide their data to Gustaff for the purposes indicated.
  • You will be liable for any false or inaccurate information provided via the Website, and for any harm or losses this may directly or indirectly cause to Gustaff or to any third parties.
  1. Commercial and promotional communications

One of the purposes for which Gustaff processes the personal data provided by users is to send them electronic communications with information about goods, services, promotions, offers, events, or news that is relevant to them. Whenever communications of this type are performed, they will be sent solely and exclusively to users who have not previously stated that they do not want to receive such communications.

In order to perform the work described above, Gustaff will be allowed to analyse the data obtained by entities that belong to its same corporate group, in order to produce user profiles that allow more detailed definition of the products that may be of interest to you.

In the event that the user wishes to stop receiving commercial or promotional communications from Gustaff, they can request the cancellation of the service by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in the body of said commercial communications or by sending an email to the following email address: as well as indicating your refusal to receive them, through the box thus provided in the data collection form or indicating it through the unsubscribe option provided in each of the commercial communications sent.

  1. Exercise of rights

The user can send a letter to Gustaff, to the address indicated in the header of this Policy, or through an email to the address, attaching a photocopy of their identity document, at any time and free of charge, for:

  • Withdraw any consent you have previously given.
  • Obtain confirmation about whether or not Gustaff is processing your personal data.
  • Gain access to your personal data.
  • Rectify any inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request erasure of your data when, among other reasons, it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Make a request to Gustaff to restrict processing of your data when any of the conditions established in the data protection legislation are met
  • Talk to someone to express your point of view and challenge any automated decisions Gustaff has adopted.
  • Request data portability.
  • Contact the Gustaff DPO at the following address:
  • Submit a claim related to personal data protection if you think that Gustaff has infringed any of the rights you possess under the applicable data protection legislation.
  1. Security measures

At all times, Gustaff will treat your data as absolutely confidential in nature and will maintain its secrecy in conformity with the provisions from the applicable legislation, adopting for this purpose all technical and organisational measures necessary to ensure the security of your data and to prevent its alteration, loss, or unauthorised processing or access, based upon the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data, and the risks to which that data is exposed.

  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that the data protection guidelines we follow are always in compliance with the current legal requirements, we reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy so that it remains adapted to the legislation in force.