Gustaff Performance Carbon Rifles began as a personal venture that arose from one hunter’s perfectionistic nature. This vision was then further developed by a team of specialised engineers, with the goal of satisfying the needs of the most demanding hunters and shooters.

Every day we dedicate our efforts, knowledge, and experience to allow existing hunting equipment to be enhanced using carbon fibre materials to make equipment lighter, stronger, more accurate and more reliable. At the same time, we never overlook aesthetic aspects, with subtle design and true luxury in every detail and finish.

By applying the latest technological advances, we achieve optimal performance for our rifle stocks, with maximum strength and exceptional lightness, as reflected in a considerable reduction in weight.

Our dedication to hunters and shooters

Nobody appreciates the benefits of an accurate and reliable rifle more than a hunter. Traveling long distances through forests and mountains carrying a rifle and rucksack while climbing and descending steep inclines, riverbeds and cliffs offers abundant opportunities to appreciate the convenience of a lightweight but strong rifle that will make these journeys more enjoyable. This is equipment that is comfortable to use, with adaptability and ergonomics that translate into the increased accuracy that will determine the success of any hunting trip.

Based on our understanding of the needs of expert shooters and hunters, Gustaff’s rifle stocks have been created and developed by following a meticulous design and engineering process with the aim of obtaining top performance and maximum quality.