Carbon fibre is a type of synthetic fibre fabricated from polyacrylonitrile. It has mechanical properties similar to those of steel, and although its weight is similar to wood or plastic, the fact that less thickness is required allows each equivalent part to be made lighter.

At the same time, its hardness gives it more resistance to impacts than steel. Gustaff’s stocks are constructed using high‑strength carbon fibre fabrics, combined with cutting‑edge techniques in component fabrication.

We use a highly innovative, 100% artisanal process when working with carbon fibre, which is the same method applied in the aerospace industry and in competitive motorsports such as Formula 1 racing. The main advantages of this process include:

  • Reduced weight for parts. Pre-impregnated (“prepreg”) materials allow just the right amount of resin to be used in each layer, with minimum tolerances. Any excess resin is extracted by use of a pressurised autoclave for curing.
  • Consistent weights for the final product. Pre-impregnation produces regularity in the amount of resin used, regardless of any variation in the atmospheric conditions or handling procedures, and this minimises any weight differences in each finished part. This advantage cannot be achieved when other methods are used.
  • Improved bonding between layers. The autoclave process removes any hidden air that may be trapped between the various carbon fibre layers, producing a monolithic structure with maximum strength and no gaps.

Even greater strength is achieved by alternating the orientation of the fibres in the various layers, and also by varying the type of fabric used. This produces a homogeneous distribution of stresses throughout the part’s entire surface, which results in greater stiffness.

The carbon lamination is designed by studying the work each part will be required to perform under use. This design process allows the various layers of material to be strategically arranged, to reinforce specific areas that must support higher structural loads, while reducing weight in non‑structural areas.

All these aspects of our process combine to produce an extraordinary rifle stock.




The stocks designed and manufactured by Gustaff have transcended all limits of lightness for rifle components. We apply the most innovative techniques in the use of carbon fibre materials, which allows us to reduce the thickness of our parts and produce the lightest stocks on the market.

However, this lightness does not mean weakness, because each stock is constructed using the most innovative techniques for internal reinforcement, achieving maximum strength in the most critical areas of every part.

Our carbon fiber stocks, including the Gustaff G8 for the Blaser R8 rifle and the Gustaff G93 stock for the Blaser R93, have a weight that ranges between 416 and 500 grams. This represents a reduction of up to 650 gr compared to other stocks manufactured for the same Blaser rifle models.



Our use of innovative fabrication systems gives our Gustaff stocks an extraordinary level of resistance to impacts and stresses, while the part’s stiffness is also maintained at all times. This allows each stock to achieve maximum strength even under the most extreme conditions.

Each stock is manufactured using 100% high‑strength carbon fibre fabrics, pre‑impregnated with structural epoxy resins. These fabrics are then processed using the most innovative techniques, which are the same as those used in the aerospace industry and in competitive motorsports.



A hunting rifle is a precision instrument. A difference of just one‑tenth of a millimetre in any part can translate into a missed shot.

At Gustaff, every position, every curve, every fit, every anchor point, and every accessory has been manufactured with same scrupulous attention to detail a surgeon would apply. In this way, Gustaff, we ensure that every stock replicates the original design with absolute fidelity, which is then certified through a strict set of quality control procedures.



At Gustaff, we have created our stocks to achieve a perfect balancing of the various conditions any shooter must take into consideration when setting up a shot. An ingenious solution for the fixed and adjustable elements of the stock also allows the rifle to be fully reversible, suitable for use by both left‑handed and right‑handed shooters.

This is also how Gustaff has succeeded in producing a stock that is fully adaptable to each user’s specific anthropometric characteristics.

Drop and cast adjustment system
The Gustaff G8 and Gustaff G93 stocks can include a reversible system with a convenient mechanism for adjusting drop and cast, which allows for full adaptation to both left‑handed and right‑handed shooters.

Gustaff has designed a fully ergonomic, reversible thumbhole grip that makes its stocks suitable for both left‑handed and right‑handed shooters.

Rubber recoil pad
Gustaff fits its stocks with a comfortable rubber recoil pad. These are available in a variety of designs and thicknesses ranging from 11 to 32 mm, allowing each shooter to create a personalised stock in accordance with his or her own tastes and needs.

Barrel contour
Gustaff has designed its stocks to allow for maximum customisation, including the ability to select a 17, 19, 22, or 24 mm barrel contour.



Nothing is more demanding than long‑range shooting. Among other aspects, it requires relaxation, concentration, visualisation, balance, and precision … The ergonomics of our stocks allows for full control over all the factors that come into play when a shot is taken, by producing a state of perfect harmony between rifle and shooter.

Although the accuracy of any shot is conditioned by numerous factors, one of the most critical is undoubtedly the comfort of the shooter’s position. The grip of the trigger hand, the support of the support hand, and the position of the cheek against the stock must remain optimal at all times.



Quality is a concept that brings together the best characteristics a product can offer. This is why at Gustaff, quality is a sign of excellence that stands as a symbol of our identity and working philosophy.

Hunting equipment should be not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. The finishes on a stock can express the personality of a rifle’s owner, and this is why in addition to the variety of designs we offer for our rubber recoil pads, the stocks offered by Gustaff are currently available in four different finishes:

– Glossy
– Matte
– Black Beast Carbon
– Water transfer printing (15 designs)

At Gustaff, we are continuing our work on expanding the range of finishes available, so that our customers can select a stock that is the best fit for their preferences.