Gustaff G8 Pro – Success

Gustaff G8 Mountain Edition

Gustaff G93 Pro – Success SPLIT

Adjustable system


The Pistolier SAS team (Toulon-France) explains the characteristics of the Gustaff stocks, within the virtual event “J’aime la chasse

Promotional video of the new G8 and G93 Mountain Edition stocks.

Gustaff Carbon Rifles promotional video

Video presentation of our stocks with our experts at Game Fair – Salon de la Chasse

The Magic of Aren. Video made by Borja and Txirula about the 2019-2020 hunting season in Aren. Some of the protagonists equip their rifles with Gustaff stocks

The expert hunter Ramón Fitó, offers us his technical opinion on the Gustaff G8 stock for the Blaser R8 rifle.


Mountain roe deer in the Vall de Boí.

Corzo de Montaña en la Vall de Boí
Article published in Caza Mayor
Nº 244 – July 2019